A brief summary of daniel keyes story flowers of algernon

A brief summary of daniel keyes story flowers of algernon

Characters Analysis Charlie Gordon — the main character of the story. While discussing an article in the Hindu Journal of Psychopathology, Charlie discovers that Nemur cannot read the article because he cannot speak Hindi. The operation is a success, and within the next three months Charlie's IQ reaches This procedure had already been performed on a laboratory mouse, Algernon, with remarkable results.

While listening to this presentation, Charlie learns that after the experiment was done on Algernon, the little mouse became erratic and self-destructive once he reached the height of his intelligence. He decides to tell Gimpy that he has found him out and give him time to mend his ways before he tells Mr.

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Gimpy agrees to this grudgingly. When not drinking at night, Charlie spends weeks continuing his mentors' research and writing reports which include observations of Algernon, whom he keeps at his apartment.

The other employees often taunt him and pick on him, but Charlie is unable to understand that he is the subject of mockery.

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Flowers for Algernon Summary