A description of postmodern presidency of george herbert walker bush

Unemployment was at 7. End of Cold War With the help of Secretary of State James BakerBush used his strength in foreign policy and helped steer the world through a period of historic change.

President Bush declared that U. Bush put together a strong team of advisers, including James Baker, Dick Cheney, Brent Scowcroft, and Colin Powell, and together they oversaw significant accomplishments. Explaining Foreign Policy: U.

george w. bush presidential term

Over the course of four years the Cold War ended, Germany reunified, the Soviet Union collapsed, American troops intervened in Panama to remove a criminal dictator and in Somalia to save people from starvation, and the United States led a coalition victory in the Persian Gulf War in Iraq. On January 3,Bush and Bill Clinton were named by the current President Bush to lead a nationwide campaign to help the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami.

He is now commonly referred to with his initials as "George H.

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Presidency of George H. W. Bush