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First BB's mother died, then the grandmother in whose care he had been placed. I always thought, from the older musicians I talked to, that you should look different [on stage] than you would in the street.

There's a poetry to it, hoeing and growing cotton," he later wrote.

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Well, that's because there's been so many can do it better'n I can, play the blues better'n me. But, added Ruby, the furrows deepening across her brow: "I sometimes wonder if they ever really did do away with slavery.

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It was made by Norlin Industries for Gibson in the s and s. King: Live at his B. Ask students whether or not it seems odd that a music so associated with the black experience became popular with a white audience. He then made his own, he says: "We used to make it with wire, the kind you use to make a cotton bail, and tie it to a broom handle. But, said Mrs Fair, "nothing has gotten any better. I tell you, he was good. John , Koko Taylor and Bo Diddley. Several adventures later, BB fulfilled his dream of reaching Memphis to play. His uncle, the great bluesman Bukka White, would visit from Memphis — play and sing. I wanted to do that, and I tried and he showed me how — but I got stupid fingers, see, and I just couldn't do it. As students listen, have them identify examples of the characteristics detailed above. He had struggled in recent years with diabetes.

John Gospel Singers. And I like that.

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At first BB thinks he is in the wrong place but confesses that he was so moved by several standing ovations he "cried back up the stairway". I fell in love with it, because its sound is right between the old Fender amps that we used to have and the Fender Twin. So I did stop. Onzie Horne was a trained musician elicited as an arranger to assist King with his compositions. They're not BB King. King Blues Clubs in Nashville and Memphis. But I go out Fridays. He was an indefatigable performer who seldom left the concert trail for more than a few days at a time. They introduced us to a whole new world.

I don't know what's happening round here no more. Several of them also went public with the allegation that King's business manager, LaVerne Toney, and his personal assistant, Myron Johnson, had fatally poisoned him.

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BB King at the last of the great bluesmen