A literary analysis of darkness a poem by lord byron

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Once the animal food supply runs out, people turn on one another. It is also important to say that the verses where the punctuation is used are those where the pass of time is slower, the beginning and the end.

Temperatures dropped and thunderstorms dominated the weather.

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Even of their mutual hideousness they died, Unknowing who he was upon whose brow Famine had written Fiend. There is no moral to the story—darkness and famine take all people, regardless of their religious or moral persuasions.

These latter men are the ones who are still fighting, searching the sky with insanity-twisted faces, finally casting themselves upon the ground to curse, gnash their teeth, and howl.

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The world was void, The populous and the powerful was a lump, Seasonless, treeless, herbless, manless, lifeless — A lump of death —a chaos of hard clay The darkness rules and is the universe.

However, recent scholarship has pointed out the poem's lack of any single "Last Man" character.

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Explication of Lord Byron's "Darkness"