Afmc guide to writing a good pnm

Final Price Analysis Price Analyst Schedule expires on 30 Sep and no option periods or no new schedule awarded. If you determine that no other exception applies, you must require submission of cost or pricing data.

For any given procurement, different bases for price analysis may give you a different view of price reasonableness. Many of these were discussed in detail in the Mar training and some of this information is included in the backup slides. This training will also provide some applications to illustrate techniques.

In this case, the proposed price was reasonable Be sure to document the basis for price reasonableness If lot 1 of a buy is reasonable, then lot 2 one year later may also be determined reasonable based on Lot 1, but Lot 3 should not be based on lot 2, lot 4 based on lot 3, etc.

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Afmc guide to writing a good pnm

However, this specialized format was envisioned to be used for the noncomplex actions. The PNM did not adequately justify why the negotiated price was fair and reasonable or indicate that the significant differences had been elevated to higher management - What was the clearance process? Historical Comparison: Document prior contract number, basis of prior determination of fair and reasonable e. Contract Pricing Reference Guide, Vol 3, Chap 12 The process of examining and evaluating a proposed price to determine if it is fair and reasonable, without evaluating its separate cost elements and profit CO shall use price analysis when cost or pricing data is not required The CO must be satisfied that the price is fair and reasonable The file must be documented with rationale used in the pricing decision Information from Contracting Pricing Reference Guide Chapter 12, Preparing For Negotiation Ultimate goal is a fair and reasonable price Cost or pricing data is defined as certified. One offeror situations may be subject to oversight by IG and others. For example trying to process award for services with a performance period of 1 year and a start date of 1 Oct. Where the determination of price reasonableness is based on cost analysis, the summary shall address each major cost element. FAR

All information provided by the contractor was relied upon as a basis o settlement of this acquisition. This should be documented in the pricing write-up since it is a factor in how we evaluate the proposed prices.

In other words, the government will be awarded a contract price adjustment when the government proves that a contractor furnished defective cost or pricing data and "the [Government] relied on the overstated costs to its detriment.

This is critical in price analysis where the future reader could be supporting a court case with minimal data.

price negotiation memorandum template

FAR a 3 states price analysis should be used to verify that the overall price offered is fair and reasonable. Prior award date Quantity Price Analyzing any variances for current buy Escalation, quantity, etc Price Analysis also includes documenting any adjustments to the current buy.

IG-finding: evaluators are either simply accepting what they are told or are ignoring need to do analysis both on commercial determination and the price One problem is that the decision may be done correctly, but it is not being thoroughly documented.

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