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I did learn another important lesson, however. The most important aspect of weddings in India is that it involves the whole family. Most ceremonies in the Hindu culture are family oriented with great emphasis on entertainment and inspiration. The main subject talked about throughout the quarter was the relationship between America and India One of my favourite parts of attending an Indian wedding was getting to wear in Indian dress. I thought. I got the impression that the family were not only happy to have me as their guest, but they saw it as an honour to host me. It dyes the skin and the color remains for up to three weeks.

Loud songs are played. We walked around the venue together, marvelling at the lavish food displays. The Maharaj priest conducts the ceremony by chanting Mantras bridal altar.

With so many options to choose from, we could not resist and had to sample one of everything!

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As well as a little richer! Would I be welcome at such a personal family event? It celebrates the extraordinary weddings led by ordinary Indians. I sat still for half an hour, watching closely as the artist squeezed the dark henna paste onto the inside of my hands in a quick swirling motion, admiring the beautiful and intricate pattern starting to take shape.

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Alcohol at weddings is not forbidden, it just depends on which state the families are from. Is she going to use her hands?

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