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All those who resist is going to be crushed before typically the all mightily power associated with Animal Farm. You subjects should know that I am the humble leader of this glorious establishment and that you should not question me, my methods, or my loyal party members.

Tension hovers around our own farm like a thicker fog however the rain of justice will fall plus soon cleanse the soil and animals everywhere will rise up as we all have and take their freedom too.

And victory. Our intentions are as clear as the water you drink from, all are equal and trust me we have worked as hard as you to make this farm as glorious as it is now and we expect nothing less from you as we do from ourselves.

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A sickening feeling comes across me. Our unquestioned leader, Napoleon, has made the mother farm a republic, and we pigs on your behalf have elected him president, and he has humbly accepted this prestigious honor.

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My intelligence informs me that some of you are some of you are secretly assembling. Show strength, show courage, but show no mercy. We are working. How will it happen? Let me explain: The old ideals are exactly that. Push forward comrades and stay dutiful for we have reclaimed the freedom that is rightfully mine. I climb up the stairs. There are no stars, no moon just an empty dark sky, not even the slightest detail. They were particularly circumstantial, and they have no place in this modern and sustainable society.

Show durability, show courage, but display no mercy. Documents Similar To Monologue. My genius has solved the problem and in essence will kill two birds with one stone.

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Then I will tell my dogs to drag the biggest thorns in my side to my feet.

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