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The story tells of a widow, Anna Leonowens, from the UK who travelled to Siam in the early s to work as an English teacher. Other biblical virtues promoted in this film include diplomacy, wisdom, self-sacrifice and keeping promises. The King and I may be an interesting movie that contains elements of Thai history and culture , but it is severely lacking when it comes to being factually correct. She was respected and actually was a good friend for the children of the King Mongkut. The king, for example, says "and so on and on" only once, and "et cetera" not at all. May be it will be better to invite on the role of the main heroine someone else but not a well known actress as Jodie Foster. The educated and genteel English woman from a distinguished family and who was married to an army officer is now widely thought to have been a character invented by a penniless but smart and shrewd widowed English teacher. There is a touching role for Bai Ling , as Tuptim, the beautiful girl who is given to the king as a bribe by her venal father, a tea merchant. Both The King and I and Anna and the King were banned in Thailand because of the impression they create about the former king. Probably, every attempt to make anything has certain drawbacks and positive moments that are to be taken into account for further projects. Yes, he is charming; Hitler is said to have been charming, and so, of course, was Hannibal Lecter. Here is an actress meant to play a woman who is in love, and she seems subtly uncomfortable with that fate. The king gives a subtle nod to reincarnation and karma when he comments that men learn from their mistakes "through birth and rebirth.

It is long and mostly told in the same flat monotone, but has one enormous advantage over the musical: It does not contain "I Whistle a Happy Tune. Furthermore, the people of Siam are presented as child-like and somewhat inferior to people from Western nations. And when returned she wrote a book about her life in Siam.

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Violent Content: Siamese officials come across a village that has been decimated by marauders who have hung many of their victims from treetops the scene is relatively bloodless, but disturbing. So the conclusion is that HR management of the film has noticeable drawbacks and that are to be discluded in supposed project.

The unknown actor played his role masterfully. Save to Wishlist.

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Positive Elements.

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