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Most of the studies carried out focus on those with aggressive behaviour and psychopathy rather than on antisocial personality disorder.

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This condition is much more common in men than in women. This inflexibility and difficulty in forming nuanced responses represents the primary difference between healthy and disordered personalities. Zupanick, Psy. Criminal Just Behav. They make demands on educational, social care and housing services and, as result of their offending, on the criminal justice system. His wife described Michael as a man who portrays many gifts and a good provider for their family. Antisocial personality disorder is often associated with low educational attainment. In conclusion, recent technological advancements and improvements to diagnostic methodologies have enabled researchers to study personality and personality disorders as never before.

However, a mental health professional should always exhaust all of their options when diagnosing. Inthe term psychopathic disorder was incorporated into the Mental Health Act in the UK, which made it possible for patients to be admitted to hospital compulsorily.

In my experience, there is a serious social stigma attached to antisocial personality disorder. McAdams, Olson,p.

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Psychological treatments Unfortunately, the evidence base for psychological treatments for antisocial personality disorder is as limited as that for pharmacological treatments Duggan et al.

In contrast, research addressing psychopathy as a target for treatment is far more limited. They were considered to be somewhere in between.

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There is another issue aside from research resources. Since people lack knowledge about the different types of personality disorders, they tend to lack the ability to deal with those type of people.

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Because those with antisocial personality disorder exhibit traits of impulsivity, high negative emotionality and low conscientiousness, the condition is associated with a wide range of interpersonal and social disturbance.

These guidelines may also apply to antisocial behaviour more generally. Comorbid antisocial and borderline personality disorders: mentalization-based treatment.

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