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Lastly, forced marriages are obsolete and are against the law Travis That might be partially true, but still there is some sort of information that has to be acquired before marriage by the other side.

What is certain beyond any kind of doubt, is that these marriages last longer. It is a fact that the family is the central unit in all societies in the world, and when parents arrange for their sons and daughters to marry, they take steps to create a safe place for the children to grow up.

In my marriage definition essay, I determinate that marriage is a serious arrangement of adults for a long-term joint project. Successful blind marriages mainly depend on the fact that the bride and the groom are being brought up on the same traditions and beliefs so that they can know how to communicate and deal with each other freely.

It occurs as a result of several motives such as emotional, physical, legal, religious, financial, etc. Thorough background checks such as religious, social, financial, cultural and even medical checks are carried out on both individuals.

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Order Now Arranged marriages Essay Sample Thesis Statement: Arranged marriages have different forms mostly depending on the couples country, culture and social surrounding conditions; however, not all of these forms are acceptable, successful and respectable by many societies.

Finally, most love marriages occur as a result of spontaneous decisions made due to irrational thinking. Mustafa Ersen in his article reveals another form of arranged marriage called berdel, which occurs through the exchange of brides, and it exists within Turkish, Kurdish and Arabic people living in the southeastern of Turkey.

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Arranged marriage Essay Example