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Beside each goal and sub-goal place a specific date showing when it is to be achieved. Because it won't. Generally, the first step to completing a film and exploiting it in the domestic and international markets is raising financing. Do you have existing clients? To prove it to you, but also to any investors. Avoid using template-like business plans. The budget must reflect where you're at in your career, the choices you will make regarding the level director, cast, locations, wardrobe, props, set design, stunts and special effects needed. Distribution Strategy: This clearly communicates a realistic distribution strategy for how you plan to generate revenue on your film. A typical film financing model can comprise any one or combination of the following: Soft Money — These include refundable and transferable tax credits, sales tax immunities, lodging exemptions, fee-free locations tax credits, cash rebates, grants, film funds including regional funds that only need to be paid back if and when the film is deemed sufficiently successful , and foreign subsidies. Similarly, what inspired you to start it? Who is going to be on your team, and how will it grow and change over time? Demonstrating that you are aware of your key risks. Generally, for the lower budget indie film, producer is unlikely to get pre-sales, mainly due to the inability to attract pre-sellable cast at lower budgets. Can you cite previous work you've done?

The Budget: This says how much it will cost to take the project from inception through to release of the finished negative.

Be specific. Pre-sales may also be used as a tool in structuring foreign co-productions. This is helpful when you need a name actor to raise the money and the money to attach the actor. Presentation matters: proof read, review and format your document.

Film business plan pdf free download

Here is a good additional resource on small business accounting. Your skills and experience: An overview of your experience as it relates to your business. This expense must be separately identified in the budget since this reflects the cash needs of the project and any additional royalties and residuals that will be paid to the deferred income participants. Do not use comps that are older than five years. That doesn't mean you should ignore it. The acronym stands for: Political Factors Social Factors Technological Factors Look at each factor as it relates to your business plan and your field. Sponsors spend for placement in the film, based on the amount its brand is integrated into the storyline, including, the number of times its brand appears onscreen or is mentioned in the script.

This is also called the direct production costs. Especially relevant is using concrete examples and not only ideas. Staff: Human resources.

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How to Write a Film Business Plan