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Pakistan has 35 business class seats on their s, spread across five rows in a configuration. Following a rigorous and strenuous recruitment process, Mr Sheikh will be joining the PIA family to further improve the organisation's financial management. The airline has lately been ensuring regular, on-time flying, expansion to newer networks, and reopening of old routes. Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal directed that the new business plan of PIA should include improvement in safety , food and entertainment. The minister added that despite bearing strong foundations ,PIA has turned into a loss making instrument that is because of poor management and political interference. These routes are going very strong and are economically viable. But what positively surprised me about PIA was the service. PIA business class seat controls Also on the armrest were the old school seat controllers. Every so often the guy to his left who seemed to be a doctor would rub his head and back. I selected the fresh salad, which was served wrapped. Some other measures adopted included retrieving company vehicles and eliminating fuel allocations accordingly, stoppage of all officiating and extra allowances given on additional assignments to officials, ban on overtime allowances in all cadres. I was surprised by the number of women traveling with multiple small kids.

Accountability at all levels should be made mandatory and performance be measured continuously. Consumers have been appreciating the airline's revamp. After lunch I headed to the lavatory, one of which was located behind the cabin.

I had very mixed feelings about the meal service. No glasses or anything were offered, but just the can directly. Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal directed that the new business plan of PIA should include improvement in safetyfood and entertainment.

Pakistan business class show storage compartment The seat controls were on the aisle-side armrest, and were easy to use not that the seat has that many functions. In addition, the optimized use of aircraft is also being ensured to achieve maximum productivity and financial returns.

For example, twice our seats had to be manually adjusted.

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The brightest point of the flight was the crew. Are you a bad girl? Let me get you a different blanket. Talk about a blast from the past!

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Pakistan business class pre-landing snack After lunch I napped for about 30 minutes longer, until finally we began our descent and the seatbelt sign was turned on, at which point the cabin had to be prepared for landing. Accountability at all levels should be made mandatory and performance be measured continuously. PIA business class lavatory While the seats were angled and not especially comfortable, we were so tired at this point, so I managed to sleep until we were woken up for the pre-landing snack, about 90 minutes out. Mr Sheikh brings with him an extensive experience in finance, more importantly financial change management, with proven record of contributing towards the turning of organisations to customer-centric and profitable entities. While it was a big portion, I had every last bite, and would have licked my plate if it were appropriate. Pakistan business class pre-landing snack The chicken sandwich was horrible. He further directed that special attention should be paid to the loss making routes and with the passage of time new fleet of aircrafts would be added to offer world class quality services to passengers. Objectively this flight was pretty bad — the seats were falling apart, there were virtually no amenities, there were no drink options Pakistan is a dry airline , they used plastic cutlery, the pre-arrival snack was inedible, etc. There was definitely an odor, which can best be described as a combination of baby powder, body odor, and flatulence.

The sources said effective liaison has been implemented among all departments especially, finance, engineering and supply chain to have more aircraft in operation which help in expanding the network and flights.

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