Catastrophic dimensions

The causes and consequences of personal involvement. He had also been seen at the scene of the Oslo bombing shortly before the attack. Measuring emergent social phenomena: Dynamism, clustering, and polarization as order parameters of social systems. Political competence and ideological constraint. Google Scholar Nie, N. Some witnesses said they heard more than one blast and police said they suspected there were multiple bombs. Self-generated attitude change. A simple mechanical system, the "Zeeman Catastrophe Machine", nicely illustrates a cusp catastrophe. Google Scholar Stimson, J.

Self-generated attitude change. There are going to be a lot of people injured, a lot of people dead.

Poster presented at the meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago. They are patterns which reoccur again and again in physics, engineering and mathematical modelling. European Journal of Social Psychology 8: — Google Scholar Raden, D. The Nature of Human Values. This is something that we hear about happening in the US. Sniderman and P. Nowak eds. Presser Google Scholar Krosnick, J. Google Scholar Stouffer, S.

He added: "There are very many dead. Anderson Google Scholar Nie, N. Western Speech 35 Fall — Witte and J.

swallowtail catastrophe

Eagley, Sherif and M. Attitudes and attitude change.

whitney cusp

I am scared. Google Scholar Gamson, W.

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Catastrophe theory