Cause and effects of land degradation environmental sciences essay

causes of soil degradation

Livestock rearing ranks after crop production as a major economic activity. Forest and woodland destruction: Fuel-wood gathering was the major cause of forest and woodland destruction.

Population pressure also operates through other mechanisms.

land degradation solutions

Stoorvogel et al. Data collection occurred between and using structured questionnaire. These technologies need to be mastered by both the zonal and state agricultural research and extension systems and more widely adapted and introduced to farmers in the study area.

Institutional Aspects of Agroforestry Research and Development. As land resources have many possible uses, with changes to the landscape having both favourable and unfavorable effects depending on use, the qualification of predominant intended use is necessary in order to make the definition of land degradation workable Gretton and Salma,

essay on land degradation
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Land degradation