Character sketch writing activity for preschoolers

If you are wondering about the difference between the two organizers, they were made to appease my students.

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Strategically pair students with peers who can help walk them through the assignment. The more you have imagined that world—what it looks like and what each of your characters is like—the more convincing your story will feel to your readers.

Answers will vary and might include: "The Duck works hard," "The animals on the farm all have different jobs," and "Farmer Brown is in charge and tells the animals what to do.

For example, if someone has an eye patch, WHY do they have it? A trait helps make the character unique or special. That paper is one of the most-used reference sheets in their binder for both reading and writing!

Character sketch writing activity for preschoolers

Answers will vary and might include: "The Duck works hard," "The animals on the farm all have different jobs," and "Farmer Brown is in charge and tells the animals what to do. Tell the class that today they will create their own main character and get to think about what will make their main character interesting or special. Because she is just going into second grade, I chose not to have her record the support from the book. Write down what each character looks like, their family history, and their temperament. In my classroom, it's always at this point, when students can add some personality to their characters, that their writing really begins to take off. And it happened that way. Setting Up the Activity Have students take a sheet of notebook paper and tear it into six pieces. I hope you find a couple of my ideas useful, but I would love to hear how you teach traits in your classroom. Since my best friend is now living over miles away, I miss all the laughter she brought to my life and the times I could ask her opinion on things that troubled me. What do they each like to do? By Genia Connell Grades 3—5 Last week I shared how I give my students a solid foundational knowledge of character traits through my reader's workshop. Choose volunteers to suggest answers for the "Fast Facts" section of the worksheet, including a name, gender, age, and family members. The purpose of this creative writing exercise is brainstorming, because it can be hard to start with a blank sheet of paper and jump right into a short story.

Review and closing 5 minutes Gather your class together for closing and review. Short Writes To help my students acclimate to incorporating character traits into their writing, we do a series of what I call "short writes. Students can use these sketches for inspiration in creating their next short stories.

Continue to fill out the rest of the planning sheet collaboratively with the class.

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I really like when she does silly things. She always supports me in everything I want to do. Focus on using describing words and being as detailed as possible when filling in each section of the planning sheet.

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After listening to my daughter read it, I presented a set of character traits.

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Bringing Characters to Life in Writer's Workshop