Conflict and violence

He suggests targets to curb violence on a global basis are likely to have small benefits for every dollar spent. We argue for moving beyond a near-exclusive focus on civil war violence … to recognizing that the costs of interpersonal violence are probably much larger but are almost wholly neglected in current development programming.

Conflict and violence

In particular, her work has served to challenge the invisibility and marginalization of young people from geographic academic research at the same time as it has demonstrated the rich and varied ways in which young people live their lives both spatially and temporally alongside, but differently from, adults. As a distance learning student, you will have access to the University Library's electronic service, the Leicester Digital Library, which includes a large number of e-journals and e-books. You will be supported by a dedicated team of tutors and support staff available through Blackboard and email. If we focus more resources on interrupting and stopping the spread of violence, not only will we have less violence, but we will significantly increase the potential of success for interventions that address the underlying causes of violence. They are multiply enrolled in conflict as well as in the politics of reconciliation and peace. Research Conflict and Violence Our work provides a nuanced and realistic understanding of the relationship between violence, conflict, security and development. We explore non-traditional forms of security, especially linked to water, energy, food and health as well as post conflict and state building issues affecting service delivery and livelihoods, and are also developing new participatory approaches to peacebuilding. Alongside your weekly reading and discussions you are expected to complete six E-tivities or online activities. Why Leicester? Her early work focused on the Caribbean and issues of gender and racial inequality, feminist geographies, and methodological analysis. We have a done pioneering work on the dynamics of micro-level conflict, violence and development as well as on citizen action in violent contexts.

They are multiply enrolled in conflict as well as in the politics of reconciliation and peace. The range of modules available and the content of any individual module may change in future years. Modules shown represent choices available to current students. This includes exploring the nature of, and responses to conflict and violence in rapidly expanding urban areas.

Interestingly, the types of violence that are most costly to society are ones that tend to attract less attention, in both development spending and public imagination. In this viewpoint paper, Aucoin and Russell explore some of the limitations of data employed within the assessment paper and identify a number of ways that the core argument of the paper—that societal violence requires a set of standalone targets in the post agenda—could have been made into a more compelling case.

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The authors paint a robust picture of the scale for both interpersonal violence and collective violence.

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Conflict, Violence and Peace