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Although it was a laborsaving device, the cotton gin strengthened slavery. Whitney occasionally told a story wherein he was pondering an improved method of seeding the cotton when he was inspired by observing a cat attempting to pull a chicken through a fence, and able to only pull through some of the feathers.

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Morse, c. Nathanael Greene of Rhode Island.

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Whitney came south in , when the Southern planters were in their most desperate plight. He redirected his mechanical and entrepreneurial talents to other projects in which his system for manufacturing gins was applicable. The agreement was that Whitney was to go north to New Haven, secure his patent, and begin manufacturing machines, while Miller was to remain in the South and see that the machines were placed. Without a factory, without even a machine, he persuaded the U. Whitney had gone into partnership with Miller. Although the contract was for one year, Whitney did not deliver the arms until , using multiple excuses for the delay. When assessing the usefulness of the nation historians must examine how others have defined the idea of the nation. Greene, but Whitney gave her no public credit or recognition. Green and Phineas Miller, Whitney watched the cotton cleaning and studied the hand movements. He and Miller were now deeply in debt and their only recourse was to go to court; but every court they entered was in cotton country. The word "gin" is short for "engine," and it revolutionized cotton production in the South by automating its processing. Ultimately, patent infringement lawsuits consumed the profits one patent, later annulled, was granted in to Hogden Holmes for a gin which substituted circular saws for the spikes [6] and their cotton gin company went out of business in His son, born in , also named Eli, was well known during his lifetime and afterward by the name "Eli Whitney, Jr. Slaves cost something, not only to buy but to maintain; and some Southern planters thought that conditions had reached a point where a slave's labor no longer paid for his maintenance.

Ordinarily, a chisel would be such a tool. Whitney had gone into partnership with Miller. He gambled on his talent, but in the way an artist does.

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A rotating brush, which turned four times as fast as the hook-covered drum cleaned the lint off the hooks. The Cotton Avalanche Return to top The usual complaint of an inventor was that people were reluctant to give his machine a chance. He graduated from Yale College in Thus, each weapon was unique; if a part broke, its replacement had to be especially made. Their device was widely pirated, however, with farmers creating their own version of the gin. With people needed to harvest the crop, greed fueled an industry-stifling and dehumanizing slaveholding culture, with around a third of the U. Eli started college when he was 23, in
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Eli Whitney: The Inventor That Shook The Nation