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It teaches us the importance of spirituality and how Jesus Christ helped people to fight against ignorance, greed, hatred, and superstitions to lead a pure and spiritual life.

Christmas Tree Christmas celebration could not be complete without the Christmas tree.

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Thorough cleaning of the churches is also done to usher in Christmas. People start Christmas preparations well in advance with great enthusiasm and joy.

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It played a very important role during the famed Arian controversy that took place in the s. This was intended to symbolize the angels referenced in the records of the Nativity of Jesus. He gave a new dimension and a new way of life to the world and Christmas helps to celebrate the big day when Jesus took birth on earth to save mankind from evils, sins and sorrows. Whatever the tradition the point of the holiday is to spend some quality time with your loved ones eating and resting. Children eagerly wait for Santa to fulfill their wish. The third day is celebrated as Feast of St. Christmas Celebrations Though Christmas is the festival of Christian community but the joy and happiness associated with it makes it the festival of everyone. It was a day of great cold when Mother Mary gave birth to a divine child, who was late on known as Jesus Christ, the founder of Christians. In fact, many troops, generally referred as the Christmas Carols sing songs on the streets, malls, market places to raise fund to celebrate Christmas with everyone. A Christmas tree is also decorated. The twelfth day is known as the Epiphany Eve which marks the end of the twelve days Christmas celebration.

This holiday is also famous for the different customs that are associated with it and even though Christmas is celebrated in all Christian countries there are differences in the way each nation commemorates this date. A very important feature of Christmas all over the world is the act of gift sharing and giving that takes place on the day of Christmas, there are a few countries that practice the act of gift giving and gift sharing on January 6 and also on Saint Nicholas Day.

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Nations, for example, Japan, where Christmas is prevalent in spite of there being just a few Christians, have embraced huge numbers of the common parts of Christmas, for example, present giving, decorations, and Christmas trees. It falls on 25th of December every year and celebrated with zeal and zest across the world. Here are a few recommended articles for you to read next:. Churches and Sunday schools make their own preparations for Christmas through practicing songs and skits to be performed on Christmas day. Everyone enjoys the Christmas holidays by engaging themselves in various activities and in Christmas preparations. Christmas and its Importance The birth of Jesus Christ, who is considered as the son of God, holds an important place in Christianity. The second day is the Boxing Day or the St. The ninth day of Twelvetide honours St. Christmas Essay 4 words Introduction Christmas is celebrated across the world, especially by the people following Christianity. Christmas assumed a job in the Arian debate of the fourth century.

Activities done on the Christmas Eve are still preparations. Everyone gets together irrespective of his status and enjoys this festival with lots of activities.

The Christmas tree could be a natural fir, spruce or pine trees or it could also be an artificial tree. Christmas consider him to be the son of God.

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