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It involves including sustainable development principles and practices in all levels of event organization, and aims to ensure that an event is hosted responsibly. Hu, C. Convene Magazine, February The faceted analysis nature of the Model illustrates its flexibility and user-specific strengths as a classification system.

Obviously, event management is a multifaceted profession. Professional event managers help to plan the events 2. A perfect product presentation might also increase the media coverage Theme Parties events that devote to a special topic. Miscellaneous : Religious congregation, Food festival, etc.

Find everything about opening events Product Launches are critical for the successful market introduction of some products.

what is event management

This framework of categories facilitates study, analysis, and knowledge management, as well as providing a structure for systematically and consistently approaching the scope of responsibilities and competencies necessary to bring legitimacy and gravitas to this profession.

Ambiance and service.

Event management system

Clients who hire an event planner hire someone to plan all aspects of the event, including the related details and action items, and to see that event through until its completion. It represents the total package of interventions at an event, and needs to be done in an integrated manner. Event Management: Definition and Classification Essay Some regional events attracts both local international visitors. Personal correspondence Phillips, G. The National Directory of Occupational Titles and Codes lists meeting management as an "official" profession Polivka, p. Corporate Events 1. Cultural events teams create unique festivals, memorable outdoor spectacles, accessible entertainment and unexpected arts. Minor Events Most events fall into this category. Meetings are common business events in large companies, perfect to discuss operational and financial strategies Team Building Events a key to develop and motivate teams in companies and divisions. Learn how they should stimulate free thinking and creativity Weddings should be the most important days in the life of brides, grooms and their families. Product Launches are critical for the successful market introduction of some products. Interactivity is core! Internal regulation, external validation, and perhaps external regulation will increase in importance as globally harmonized standards of quality and best practice are sought for conformity assessment. Business Dinners a long- tanning corporate tradition to conclude fiscal years, celebrate new milestones or to get in contact with key customers 7.

Dictionary of Occupational Titles DOL, uses a nine-digit code to classify industry and worker function characteristics, as illustrated in Figure 1. Ideas ND planning tips Although different event sectors will have different applications of the Model including differing terminology, techniques and elements, the processes, phases, core values, and domains remain consistent, and whilst the scale of an event project may change, the scope of responsibilities does not; only the applicability of the functions classes will be different.

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Event Management Body of Knowledge Project