French and russian revolution comparison essay

While these individual countries had significant nationalistic grievances, such as anti-Austrian attitudes in Italy, anti-Russian and anti-Turkish opinions in Rumania, anti-Habsburg in Prague and Budapest, German patriotism divided German as did Polish patriotism in Poland; it was the political and economic struggle that were t Russia was more radical in terms of religion during its Revolution in than the French were years before but this is a rather close call, simply because religion was a more important affair of state in western Europe than it was in the East although this is likely arguable either during the s or the s.

Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information. Likewise, Russia would see the overthrow of communism in and the establishment of a republic. Major inequities, inflation and lack of food, very minimal reforms, rising aspirations of middle classes -bourgeoise.

In the end, France can be seen as radical simply because of its staying power, yet one cannot ignore the fact that the measures enacted in Russia were far more revolutionary and new to the history of Europe and the world. In both cases these policies just worsened the situation, leading to more unrest.

russian revolution compared to american revolution

Even though there were more similarities, the main difference between these revolutions was that the Russian monarchy were not a threat to the people of Russia, Tsar Nicholas wanted to be with his family, not rule a country.

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FCC: A Comparison of the French and Russian Revolutions