Group research paper format

Do not justify the lines of text at the right margin; turn off any automatic hyphenation feature in your writing program.

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The only way for you to do this is you study hard because you will eventually master your research. Tables and Illustrations Place tables and illustrations as close as possible to the parts of the text to which they relate.

Binding a Printed Paper Pages of a printed research paper may get misplaced or lost if they are left unattached or merely folded down at a corner. Always check with your instructor for any specific guidelines he may have and consult the MLA website or manual to ensure you are using the most up-to-date format.

General Formatting Guidelines MLA formatting calls for point font and double-spacing throughout the body of the paper.

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Margins should be set to one inch on all sides of the page. Check the MLA website or manual to ensure correct format for each source.

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MLA Format for Group Projects