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But how can one go about doing that? They called this being, Brahman. Some of them may at times incarnate again on their own accord to serve humanity. Two main similarities between the Hindu religion and Christian religion are referred to by different titles; nevertheless they are represented by the same action. Yet, it is his own personal experiences that influenced his beliefs about the world — especially those concerning the notion of an after life. It is simply there and Thus in either case, the purpose of heavens and hells is to impart an attitude of wisdom and detachment to the souls.

But how can one go about doing that? Cremation however is not the only prescribed method of disposal of the body. They clearly warn the consequences of ending one's life since it is la mortal sin and really bad karma with serious complications for one's liberation and rebirth.

Taking on the Hindu ideas of desire and reincarnation from the scriptures, Gautama too saw life as an eternal cycle of birth, death and re-birth inside the world.

Instead of focusing on a direct definition of Hinduism, it might be easier to identify Hindu philosophies and key practices that make up Hindu beliefs. However, while ritual suicide was permitted under extraordinary circumstances, Hindu traditions and customs as a rule do not permit killing of any kind and suicide was no exception.

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India is a country full of mysteries and differences. Slowly the Hindu came to accept the idea of the existence of an eternal supreme being. Just as horses were sacrificed during rituals, human beings were sacrificed by kings on important occasions in the sacrifice of humans naramedha yajna.

Brahman represents many different gods.

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What happens after the soul leaves the body and before it reincarnates again is a great mystery about which we can form an idea after studying the scriptures. Children below a certain age are buried upon death.

Into blinding darkness enter those who worship ignorance materialism and into greater darkness those who worship knowledge spirituality alone.

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The Argument for Reincarnation in Hinduism Essay