How september 9 1971 changed the us

A wave of other prison rebellions spread like wildfire, involving 20, people. In particular, the prisoners are calling for an end to forced labor, which was a major demand of Attica rebellion.

Families of the slain correction officers lost their right to sue by accepting the modest death-benefit checks sent to them by the state. Physical brutality, lack of access to medical treatment and poor sanitation were but a few bullet points on a long list of grievances.

Most were shot in the initial indiscriminate barrage of gunfire, but other prisoners were shot or killed after they surrendered. Attica was surrounded by a foot wall, 2 feet thick, with fourteen gun towers.

The prisoners also requested better sanitation, improved food quality, and one set of rules for the state among numerous other demands. Visit Website Using tear gas and submachine guns, state police regained control of three of the four cellblocks held by the rioters without loss of life.

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Another prisoner was shot seven times and then ordered to crawl along the ground. All rights reserved. An emergency medical technician recalled seeing a wounded prisoner, lying on the ground, shot several times in the head by a state trooper.

We will not compromise on any terms except those terms that are agreeable to us. One state trooper was indicted for reckless endangerment.

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Attica Prison riot