How to write a book proposal for a publisher

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Submitting an already written non-fiction book as a proposal is a great way to almost guarantee you will not get a book deal. In either case, the quality of the writing is important, but much more so in fiction. I have always done this through friends-of-friends or colleagues, but many people use LinkedIn or other social media for this purpose. Establish that this particular book does not already exist, but similar books do. I could write well. To come up with some publishers that might be a good fit for your project, you will need to do some brainstorming and research. Target Audiences The best way to talk about target audiences is in the narrative of the Overview, or in the marketing plan. That is absolutely how the system works. Research helped, but showed me there was so much more to it—and it was intimidating.

You need to deliver those things, or die. Editors are like sheep—they all want to follow a leader.

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For those with no publishing knowhow, there is also UnBoundwhich is a crowdfunding platform that, if you raise the money, will design, produce, and distribute the book for you.

That is absolutely how the system works. Many authors make the mistake of trying to argue that the potential market for the book is huge. So approach this as a set of suggestions, adding or removing elements as you see fit to make this the most persuasive document it can be for your project.

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Yes, I have lots to learn, but he lays out the details in a step-by-step approach that I can embrace. Urban or rural? The disadvantage is, of course, they will take part of your earnings.

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To paint a portrait of your target audience , think as a marketer might, instead. In this section, you need to shelve your modesty and come out sounding confident in your own ability to write this book. Having an agent has many advantages: they have personal contacts at publishing houses, ensuring your proposal will be seen and read. Sample chapters But you will also, mostly, need to include sample chapters from the book itself, to give the agent and publisher an idea of whether you can actually write. Members of Jericho Writers get access to all our video courses for free. Put that in here. For real, traditional publishers are very bad at selling books. The more precise your brushstrokes, the better. The potential audience for that book was very much greater, so the advance was correspondingly greater too. See also: Terms , Privacy Policy. Below are some examples of real book proposals that have actually sold to publishers.

However, with Get Published, Michael shows us how to achieve results by walking us step-by-step through the process.

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How to Write a Book Proposal: a Master Guide (with Template)