How to write a law case review

That way, when you come back to the first cases of the semester, you will not be confused with multiple color schemes. This will be important if you disagree with the outcome of the case.

What is the controversy? To get a sense of what the established jurisprudence is in the area of law you are investigating, look at the cases cited by the Court majority in support of its ruling in the subject case.

Although you might think a pencil might smear more than a pen, with its sharp point a mechanical pencil uses very little excess lead and will not smear as much as you might imagine.

Identify the ratio This involves identifying the decisions reached by each judge, noting any dissents. Depending on the case, the inclusion of additional elements may be useful. Law KF As you hit these elements or what you think are these elements make a mark in the margins.

Because yellow is the brightest, you may be inclined to use yellow for the Conclusions in order to make them stand out the most. This section will describe the parts of a brief in order to give you an idea about what a brief is, what is helpful to include in a brief, and what purpose it serves.

case brief definition

Highlighting Why highlight? Examples and more information can be found in the library books listed below: Bahrych, L.

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How to brief a case