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GitHub account. In addition, check for any parts of your documentation that are ambiguous which may cause a user to become confused, and make sure you add some additional clarification so the user can better understand your article.

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Because the purpose of the course is to help you learn, there are many activities that require hands-on coding and other exercises. Conclusion API documentation is what connects your developer experience with your customers. Here you should explain if you follow any error standard, e.

By the time you publicly launch a feature, your documentation should be efficient, and refined, based on feedback from your whole community. Python will be used to create a local test server to run Swagger UI.

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Docs-as-code involves using lightweight formats such as Markdown, collaborating through Git or other version control, building your doc site with a static site generator, and deploying it through a continuous build model, where the build happens on the server when you push commits to a particular branch.

GitHub will be used for various activities, sometimes to demonstrate the Git workflow and other times as an authentication service for developer tools. Where there are hands-on activities, I typically include this icon in the section title:.

Click Sign Up in the top nav bar and create an account. Now, when potential consumers view your API, they will find it clearly documented.

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If you have an older Windows machine pre Version 10 , download and install curl from confusedbycode. If a developer has just started with your API, having examples to work from can be a great way for them to gain additional context into the power of your API. What API documents look just amazing? You can adapt the slides as needed for your lessons. Overall, thriving in the developer documentation space requires you to continually learn a healthy dose of code, which can be challenging. Course slides For the live workshops, I have various slides that cover different sections of this course. Your documentation should be completely uniform and contain no contradictions in code. The requests that may be sent to cloud resources, and the responses expected. These are the activities we do during live workshops. By using a flat structure in your documentation, you can have both a well-categorized and easy-to-navigate portal, thus contributing to the accessibility of your documentation. These activities are crucial to building experience and credibility with a portfolio. Make sure you download the app and not the Chrome extension.

Think About Your Documentation During Development When you are writing code, consider how it will look when it has been documented. I have a quick crash-course in JavaScript here if you need it.

Remember that your users have not spent hundreds of hours developing your API and documentation, so you need to make it as easy as possible for them to get started.

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Using Templates For Documentation Driven API Design