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This is mainly caused by the size of these enterprises and the related increased focus on assurance of their very existence. A number of studies have tested the different frameworks and found contradictory results.

A strategic approach to human resource management is an approach that links the human resource management policies with the strategic objectives of the firm.

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The human resource practices that will be investigated include recruitment, selection, training, remuneration, leave of absence, interpersonal communication, sick pay, and promotion. Essay Topic: Literature , Management Introduction The contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs to the economic growth and development has been enormous. Amsterdam: JAI Press. Over the past years, small-medium enterprises play an increasingly significant role in European economy. Research Methods and Data Research Methods are the approaches taken to achieve the objectives of a research project Saunders et al. That it surveyed firms and 6 industries including different size of firms. The Interpretative phenomenological analysis IPA is an experimental qualitative approach to research in psychology and the human, health and social sciences Smith et al. Especially in the training ,Storey and Westhead described that the employees in the SMEs have few chances to get involved in structured training. Hampshire: Palgrave MacMillan. The paper examines the factors that affect the practices of human resource management in an SME in Nigeria and how these practices can affect the performance of the SME in particular and its contribution to the overall growth of the economy as a whole. Therefore, it is the approach that will be used in this study. The inductive approach is advantageous over the deductive approach in that it does not generalise its results to all cases.

Despite the importance accorded to SMEs as well as their contribution to economic growth, Onugu argues that the performance of SMEs in Nigeria has been below expectations.

But there is also some problem of HRM practices. Business failure often comes as a result of a number of factors. Human resource management models for entrepreneurial opportunity: Existing knowledge and new directions.

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Thirdly, it is important to look at the economy situation in UK. In this study, high group culture means that a strong team works and effective working environment, which is usually created by strong HRM.

Employee benefits in SME, in order of frequency own survey. In the opinion of the respondents, the most important process out of the selected corporate processes included product manufacture and service provision, with companies allocating the top rank to this process in the importance ranking, 96 companies ranking sales and trade first, 19 respondents mentioned quality management, 16 respondents considered as most important finance management, 15 respondents mentioned marketing, 9 human resource management, 7 corporate social responsibility and 4 companies placed in-house information systems at the top of the importance ranking.

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