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The compensation package is though according to their designation.

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An effort was made to examine the influences from the economic emergence in South Asia, force of colonization, historical panorama, cultural similarities and dissimilarities, legal, economic and political factors causing the change. All these strongly reflected strong commitment of the bank to work closely through foundation with the community with which it co-exists.

Banks collect deposits at the lowest possible cost and provide loans and advances at higher cost.

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Dhaka bank can provide mobile telephone bill collection service through internet banking: As telecommunication industry is expending with an alarming rate recently, so Dhaka bank could maintain good business relation with those telecommunication companies. As a fully commercial bank, If they expand their business and utilize this strength as more diversified business opportunities, they can create stronger image in the country. Now total number of regular employees is 1, Eligibility criteria: Individuals and institutions resident in Bangladesh, including provident funds, pension funds, bank and corporate bodies shall be eligible to purchase the BGTBs. By using the modern banking services, a Dhaka Bank customer can withdraw or deposit an amount of cash under the Dhaka Bank account no matter in which branch the actual account exist. The bank treats all its employees equally without being biased towards anybody due to race, religion or gender. More and more urban customers are becoming attracted to this service day by day. And if for some reason the bank fails to meet the reserve requirements then the consequences and sanctions will be serve. Only consulted amount shall be paid on contract basis. Dhaka Bank provides a good compensation package not only to the senior officers or executive but also to the other staffs at the lower level. In recent times in Bangladesh banking industry has been considered the most prospective, compared to the other service sectors, for their quality service and transparency.

The bank believes that healthy economy and sound banking go together. Practical Implications: Due to cultural impediments, organizations are finding it difficult to implement modern HRM practices in true Types Of Rearch: In this study the descriptive type of research has undertaken to gain insights and understanding about overall operation of BSB and the sick industry.

On the other manus. So, banks are now surviving by doing general banking, which is already threat and can bigger in future. To remove unfair labor practices. The training program used in the organization also ensures employee retention to The City Bank Limited spending in training programs for employees is not an expense, but an investment.

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The management of the Bank already planned to open new branches with Islamic Banking covering the whole country. The Bank issues securities of valuable documents of clients. By the end of the s, virtually all medium-sized and large companies and institutions had some type of HRM program in place to handle recruitment, training, regulatory compliance, dismissal, and other related issues. Certainly, this will decrease their dealing spread and keeps them always in pressure. The existing policy demands refurbishment to set unique standard. They offer a complete range of Trade Finance services. In recent years the bank has opened a lot of new branches, which is a good sign of improvement and also a commendable strategy. The following are the regulations laid down by Bangladesh in respect of these accounts. Development Program, the United States, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Western Europe since its independence in , but remains one of the poorest and most densely populated countries in the world.

These should be sent directly to the Human Resources departments and not to individuals suggested by the applicant. Dhaka Bank Limited is manned by well-qualified and experienced officials always prepared to provide efficient, personalized and quality service.

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This will give them better opportunity to acquire more market share. Although there are some states that have abolished decease punishment from their jurisprudence. The principal activities of its subsidiary are to carry on the remittance of hard-earned foreign currency to Bangladesh. Every human being is entitled to have a 2nd opportunity in life. Though Dhaka Bank do not involve its middle level officers in their decision making process but still Dhaka Bank has some unofficial way to collect information from the bottom level employees, but it is not effective at all. Therefore, DSE does not assume any responsibility on the authenticity of the facts and figures presented thereof. Dhaka Bank Limited is manned by well-qualified and experienced officials always prepared to provide efficient, personalized and quality service. Jamuna Bank is committed to maintain a very high quality of assets. They usually serve the service based on the historical data, not real time basis. They sometimes see it as an extra expenditure. So, the bank should take initiative to add some additional services for their loyal clients. The Bank employees more than 15 fifteen thousand persons. Recruitment procedure is commerce within the bank due to turnover, promotion, retirement, new business strategy, etc.

Human Resource Division of Jamuna Bank Limited is solely responsible mainly for recruitment, training and development, ensuring compensation and benefits of staffs, performance appraisal and rewards.

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