Igcse anothology section c essay

Question — Advise You have been asked to give a talk to students who are new to your school or college, giving advice on how to approach study and lessons, and on the school rules.

She is helping her mother in the kitchen. They went camping. Here is an example of a student using the metalanguage from VCE Accounting as an example for their essay. He told the teacher on duty. They decided to search for it.

She watched the children.

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Any one of them could be targeted, but the aim will be to choose a topic that will relate to all students, and the form and audience required will be similar to those in other writing questions. The girls planted some flowers. The pupils and teachers gathered at the school compound at 8.

The teacher praised the prefect. The men trimmed the bushes. I have just failed the challenge, I have succumbed to lying and producing a false excuse.

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They walked there because the playground was just a stones throw away from their house. He picked up his wife and they went to the nearby clinic.

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