Indias economic achievements

Now India ranks in the top 25 countries in parameters including getting electricity, getting credit, and protecting minority investors.

failure of five year plan

It can be argued that India's gradualist approach helped build a consensus across political parties that enabled the reforms to continue, even as the political parties running the government changed. Another important initiative of the UPA was the creation of Aadhar, a biometric identity verification system to cover all residents.

Indias economic achievements

It is an intensely competitive and adversarial form, in which political parties in opposition will engage in heated criticism of those in power. The economy performed reasonably well under this control system in the first 15 years — to —, when the rate of growth of gross domestic product GDP at factor cost averaged 4.

development planning in india

Therefore, we expect economic growth to pick up to about 7. The production of food-grains which was lakh tones in increased to Have you read?

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'India will be 5th largest economy globally in ; 2nd in APAC region by '