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It affects several cognitive functions including memory, comprehension, judgement, language and learning capacity.

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You can find more information on hunger and undernourishment in our entry. Click to open interactive version Diarrheal death rates In the chart below we see diarrheal disease death rates, expressed as the number of deaths per year perindividuals.

This therefore allows us to compare the likelihood that any given individual will die from dementia across countries and through time. Top Causes of Deaths in India Cardiovascular Disease There are many leading causes of deaths in India, and cardiovascular disease has emerged as the top killer that has affected both urban and rural population.

Stroke death rates vary significantly across the world, ranging from less than 25 to over perGlobally diabetes figured ninth in but has since dropped out from the list.

Other neonatal conditions Breastfeeding, vaccination against common infection and neonatal care is helping more babies thrive and survive neonatal infections such as septicaemia, birth asphyxia and birth trauma.

This therefore allows us to compare the likelihood that any given individual will die from CRDs across countries and through time. There is a wide gap between the rural and urban population in the country in the sphere of access to healthcare facilities. Rates across Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia are typically slightly higher between 40 and 60 per, and are typically highest across South Asia over perin India and Nepal.

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As shown, there are a broad range of cancer types with varying magnitudes of total death. Diarrhoea Diarrhoeal dieases are one of the biggest causes of under-5 deaths, killing betweenand one million children, hospitalisingand causingvisits to clinics each year.

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Causes of Death