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littering effects

As humans, we need to find ways to sustain the fresh water remaining on Earth. Statistics show the many dangers posed by some of the million tons of trash thrown away by Americans every year. Others can have life-threatening reactions.

Trash in an area attracts vermin and …show more content… Misconceptions There are misconceptions about what constitutes litter. There isnt enough funding to resource the man-power and institutions to implement and monitor complex litter systems.

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It makes the area look dirty and bad. As humans, we need to find ways to sustain the fresh water remaining on Earth. Picture Perfect Pietermaritzburg gets companies to adopt a spot they keep clean and advertise on P3 with a winning company getting profiled. Behind some of these actions are the following attitudes: People cant be bothered or are too lazy to find a bin They have no sense of pride in their community They dont appreciate the consequences of littering They arent aware that some items are litter e. Two ways that litterbugs can be dealt with: we can either punish those that do litter or reward those that dont. Re use is self-explanatory. This brings up questions on whether the roles of these plastic bags should be substituted with a product that is more environmental-friendly such as reusable grocery bags as part of the solution for the banning of plastic bags The effects are even worse if the garbage is not separated into organic, re-usable and recyclable waste Today, Our stormwater drains get blocked by the litter that people throw directly into them or the litter that gets washed off the streets. Proudly Pietermaritzburg Citizens Initiative is making progress towards returning the city to its Garden City status. Even its temporary measure, we need to take action to prevent further damage. If you have garbage to dispose of, and there's isn't a garbage can nearby, then wrap your trash up in a napkin, plastic, paper bag, etc and place it in your pocket or carry it with you until you reach a garbage can. Land pollution can cause very bad smell and odour in the town, breed rodents like rats, mice and insects, who in-turn transmit diseases, and landfills in The Bahamas will not attract tourists, which result in The Bahamas loosing revenue, from its number one industry

One could be easily puzzled as to why so much effort was put into preserving a land already pristine Americans, as well as all humans, need to be more aware of how hazardous and costly littering is to the world and the creatures living in it

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Littering Effect Essay Example