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Data were extracted from each article to include: year of publication, country of subject participants, disease entity, magnet location and strength, study design and outcome.

You can see a video of the researchers conducting the experiment here. That is too weak to penetrate the skin and unlikely to be helpful for anything more than a minor bruise.

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These magnets known as permanent magnets, the static magnets used in magnetic therapy devices. And claim this increases the blood flow and help tissues heal faster. With a growing emphasis on patient choice [ 15 ], CAM is now becoming recognised as a largely untapped resource which offers the potential for therapeutic innovation within the NHS.

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Figure 4: Distribution of studies in three meta-analyses: Pittler[ 6 ] blue , Salomonowitz[ 18 ] red and Eccles[ 17 ] yellow. Magnetic knee pad is used as a noninvasive pains relief tool, and accelerates blood circulation and sedates the knee pain. Possible effects on other major health outcomes will also be considered. Conclusion There is a lack of scientific evidence to support the use of static magnetic therapy for pain when compared to placebo. This encompasses a wide range of interventions involving different types of devices, different strength magnetic fields and different modes of administration [ 17 ]. In simple language, the force exerted on these charges moving through the membrane from the applied magnetic field are one billionth of those that occur naturally from the electric field. The trial began in July Any true benefit derived from magnet therapy may therefore have been masked by a reduction in medication use. In chronic pelvic pain a double blind study reported improvement This began to change in the s with calls to investigate the merits or lack thereof for complimentary medicine. For all other conditions, the question was raised as to whether further study is warranted given the convincing lack of evidence for benefit[ 6 ].

Figure 3: Examples of magnet placement clockwise from the upper left : Magnet attached to underwear for treatment of pelvic pain; Magnets embedded in a Mattress pad[ 34 ]; Magnets surrounding the lower lumbar, sacroiliac joints and sacrum; Magnets surrounding a surgical scar; Magnets overlying vertebral vertebrae and sacrum; Magnet placed in a wrist band[ 23 ] human figures created with Smith Micro's Poser 10 software.

In chronic pelvic pain a double blind study reported improvement Therefore analgesics are also typically prescribed as an adjunct [ 6 ]. The gates consist of a molecular arrangement, e. Dec 9, Only English systematic reviews that compared magnet therapy with other conventional treatments in patients with local pain in terms of pain relieving measures were included.

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