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So, all you really need is some help, and this plan is that help.

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They have many tax breaks in the tax code they can use to their advantage. Then came the internet and with it lightening speed access to vendors, consumers, and results. We call this a lead capture.

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And each has a different mindset. The author adds that while his poor dad invested time and effort in education, he did not have any knowledge on investing.

One of his favorite tools is Personal Capitalwhich enables him to manage his finances in just minutes each month. Kiyosaki —a registered nurse.

He says to avoid people who proclaim incessantly that the sky is falling and instead encourages readers to spend time with people who enjoy talking about money because they may have valuable lessons to share.

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Many of our readers could finish five or six in two hours. They look to delegate as much as possible, not keep all the work for themselves. Is there a different market you can sell to? Most businesses choose to provide content using a blog. Some simple searches can give you a good idea of the originality of your idea in a couple hours. Rich Dad mentality "Rich dad" advises Kiyosaki to get a job so he can learn the skills required to be an entrepreneur. As we discussed earlier, academic and professional educations never included anything about financial education in their curriculums.

That can be further invested to make billions. Kiyosaki was just one, but there are hundreds, if not more, people doing the same exact thing! Education — what a joke, right? S is for self-employed People in the self-employed quadrant are not good employees and often have the attitude that no one can do it better than them.

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How to Start a Business Without Money (Part 1)