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Moreover Malaysia has a very advanced banking and good distribution of network which will help us to operate our business and reach to customers more efficiently. Since the Malaysian market is a very relationship-oriented market, having a local presence or local agent can influence the final outcome.

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In Malaysia, the unemployment rate in September increased to 3. Therefore investors will have to do their homework before investing as they will have to find the best sector that suits the country accordingly to the laws of the country.

For other products, such as rubber, timber, palm oil, and tin exports, special permission from government agencies is required and taxes are assessed on these exports to encourage domestic processing. Due to this, Malaysia has a lot of cultural festivals going on throughout the year which can be targeted by business organization.

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We can bring different clothes from different designs on different occasions and sell these over there. At the end we tried to give some recommendation on this business.

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Market Entry Strategy Most exporters find that using a local distributor or agent is the best first step for entering the Malaysian market. Sincerely, Md. It has a multi-party democracy country and the Barisan National party which is in charge of the country is ruling the country for over 25 years. We measured the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental sectors for setting up a particular business that would be suitable for this country. Malaysia certification requirements do not impose undue burdens onto U. Legal system takes into account employment laws, consumer protection, industry specification regulations, environmental regulations and competitive regulations. In domestic tenders, preferences are provided to Bumiputra Malay suppliers over other domestic suppliers. The total global production of palm oil and related product for was
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