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Video 1 Mock code: a Code Blue scenario requested by and developed for RNs Debriefing Following the conclusion of the scenario, learners are provided with a formal debriefing. The Case An year-old man with a history of coronary artery disease, hypertension, and schizophrenia was admitted to an inpatient psychiatry service for hallucinations and anxiety.

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Faster care in a casino? The hospital CPR committee should be responsible for assigning team members and conducting at least semiannual practice mock codes. Case This simulation scenario began with the patient in a surgical unit.

American Heart Association. The intern on the team called the patient's son, who confirmed the patient's desire to not be resuscitated. Still learners must verbalize everything in order to pass.

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The resident and intern began basic life support CPR with chest compressions with the bag-valve-mask. He's a no code! Points covered in the didactics included being aware of the proper procedure when you come upon a patient with cardiac arrest, the importance of effective communication during stressful situations, and describing staff actions as response. Learners are not required to show skills they cannot normally perform this is why intubation is no longer required in ACLS classes. What went well in this simulation? Unfortunately, the leads on the monitor were incompatible with the stickers on the patient, which were from the psychiatry floor the stickers were more than 10 years old. References 1. CPR training should be performed on a regular basis for even these low-risk areas. Hospital cardiac arrest teams "code blue" teams are accustomed and trained to manage just that—"code blues" on admitted inpatients within the usual confines of the hospital walls. The relevant language is: "EMTALA requires that a hospital's dedicated emergency department would not only encompass what is generally thought of as a hospital's emergency room, but would also include other departments of hospitals, such as labor and delivery departments and psychiatric units of hospitals. September ; Yet the location of this arrest—outside the main hospital—doubtless led to the poor technique, inadequately trained personnel, and malfunctioning equipment that we observed here.

Were you satisfied with your ability to work through the simulation? At this point, a staff nurse on the psychiatry floor came into the room, recognized the patient, and shouted, "Stop!

Traditionally, code teams must roll cumbersome defibrillation equipment from distant clinical areas and locate and then assess the victim—all before defibrillation. As we all know, failing to plan, is planning to fail; the best plan for passing ACLS is a study plan.

Finally, trainees were advised that the case is strictly formative.

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Because so much of the test is based upon visual cues and audible data from team members, it's important for the learner to externalize all their internal thoughts ok maybe not all thoughts.

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