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If a nurse does not give importance to the patient behavior then a major dilemma has given a rise to the failure of nurse and patient relationship. Kim, H. Contribution to the Past and Present Literature The Orlando's theory is still considered and followed as the most effective and relative nursing practice theories, which are available to the nursing schools at the present moment. The strength of the theory is that it is clear, concise, and easier to use. Retrieved October 12, , from currentnursing. This results in the feeling of being helpless. In all, these concepts by Orlando form the basis for providing nurses an opportunity to understand their relationship with their patients in a better way, so as to give patient care a new and whole hearted meaning. By these steps, nurse will receive positive response from the patient. Hence, the therapeutic goals of nursing practice are also dependent on the interaction and behavior of the nurse practitioner and the patient. Neither does it signify the commitment of an institution to public well-being Orlando, It is observed from the commencement of the contact until the end of the conversation. Every patient holds an individuality and uniqueness in his response.

It is not properly defined…. However, I would refrain from applying this theory to long-term care. Unless the patient does not feel comfortable in the presence of a nurse, the therapeutic activity will not be as effective as it is required Abdoli, Faust, C.

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Nursing is considered as mothering a child Orlando, This theory was inductive in nature and was developed by conducting an empirical study on the nursing study and practice.

When giving medication to a patient, we nurses must explain the medication, its expected effect, purpose, and its possible side effects.

The nurse then uses clinical judgment regarding health dilemmas, tackling each one individually.

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It stages the interaction to happen in a specific sequence. The environment is an important part of this process. It can also be Individual, family, or community. The results of this research are contained in her book titled: The Discipline and Teaching of Nursing System.

Most of the metaparadigms are effectively indicated in Orlando's nursing theory.

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Orlando's Nursing Process Theory Essay