Phd thesis innovation management

The central question in this research is to what extent the specific characteristics of project-based firms affect innovation management. Multidisciplinary teams and planning, for example, hamper development projects of project-based firms.

Phd thesis innovation management

Companies with the ability to overcome the challenges that are typically faced in scaling up new processes from the laboratory to commercial production will have an advantage in achieving competitive operations in shorter timeframes. This research builds on case studies in selected new market areas such as: cancer treatment, new biomass, bio plastics and alternative energy technologies. To execute these development projects successfully, they are to be managed differently than is currently described in the innovation management literature. Understanding enablers of the successful scale up of chemical processes is expected to provide valuable lessons learned for closely related, yet more nascent industrial biotechnology processes. We focused on new product or service development projects in project-based firms, and investigated the influence of firm characteristics on success factors for these projects. Man Hang Yip How factors such as innovation strategy and product complexity may impact on configuration and evolution of the front-end of innovation process in companies The early phases of the innovation process, also known as the fuzzy front-end, have been a challenge for every business that intends to compete through product innovation. It has become an area with rapidly growing interest from academia and industry. This research explores the benefits of using social media in facilitating open innovation with a focus on the potential application to the SMEs. Maicon Oliveira Developing a framework for depicting the radical innovation process in established firms The research outcome consists of the stabilised framework Version 4. Specifically, this research looks at journalism and corporate communication in the Cambridge Technology Cluster UK. Initial research on the enablers of successful scale up in the process industries has been carried out using data from interviews that were conducted with members from five multi-national companies. Innovation Management in Project-Based Firms Innovation Management in Project-Based Firms Defended on Thursday, 22 June Project-based firms have an organizational structure, capabilities and routines that clearly distinguish them from manufacturing firms. Some have claimed that these characteristics make project-based firms more innovative than, for instance, manufacturing firms, others argue the contrary.

Retrieved from hdl. This development of innovative processing technologies is being largely driven by the quest for more environmentally sustainable operations. Employing a new perspective which considers uncertainty as a source of value, this research investigates how entrepreneurial competitiveness advantage might depend on the choice of strategies to cope with complex and controversial dilemmas associated with new venture development.

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Some have claimed that these characteristics make project-based firms more innovative than, for instance, manufacturing firms, others argue the contrary. Julia Fan Li Enabling the successful scale up of innovative processing technologies The development of innovative processing technologies is becoming increasingly important in the chemical industry.

Furthermore, it seems that project-based firms should apply a more emergent style of project management on their development projects, as their capabilities in efficient project planning hamper the quality of the services and products that are developed.

On the contrary, in manufacturing firms, where specialization abounds, the experts of the various disciplines need to collaborate in multidisciplinary development teams.

In project-based firms the project leader is subsequently needed to translate the specialized new services and products, and to ensure that these are implemented within projects executed to customer order.

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Past PhD Research in Innovation Management