Porsche 928

The finished car debuted at the Geneva Motor Show before going on sale later that year as a model.

Porsche 928 top speed

Another easily noticeable visual difference between versions is the style of the wheels. Early Porsche Ordered by Ferdinand Porsche to design a production-feasible concept for the new model, Fuhrmann initiated a design study in , eventually yielding the which was the first clean sheet design by the company for its own model; the had evolved from the Volkswagen Beetle , the was an evolution of the and the was the result of an abandoned project by Volkswagen and Audi. GTS models had wider rear fenders added to give more room for 9-inch wide wheels. For the model year, a visible change inside was digital trip computer in the dashboard. These were close to same as later actual Club Sport models and can also be considered prototypes for it. From to , the S model was called S2 in United Kingdom. Customers could specify paint and interior colours the same way as on a normal When increasing concern within the company over price and availability of fuel during the oil crisis of the s became an issue of contention, smaller engines were considered in the interest of fuel economy. Porsche may have feared that the U. Some of them had stronger, short ratio manual transmission. This model is also sometimes referred to as the "Ferry Porsche Edition" because his signature was embroidered into the front seats. Rear-wheel steering, lightweight aluminium parts, and it was the first road-going Porsche to feature a V8 engine — at one point Porsche actually considered a V10 option. The S4 variant debuted in the second half of as a model, an updated version of the 5. This would set it apart from the , with a relatively spartan interior and true sports car performance.

Two cars were made in the late model year for U. It came with either a five-speed dog leg manual transmissionor a Mercedes-Benz -derived automatic transmissionoriginally with three speeds, with four-speed from in North America and in other markets.

porsche 928 interior

The was regarded as the more relaxing car to drive at the time. This model was the toned down version of the factory prototype which had a lightened body. The cars were sold with the planned Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system. Inthe S4 was no longer available with a manual transmission.

From throughthe front spoiler was integrated into the nose and the rear spoiler became a separated wing rather than an integrated piece, and side skirts were added. The iconic model was synonymous with the brand and had brought great success on both the road and track.

It's believed these cars were not made with S spoilers even though these were available in U. Designed to have a wider appeal than thethe was conceived as a cutting-edge grand tourer packed full of technology.

S4 was much closer to being a truly world car than previous models as only major differences for North American models were instrumentation in either kilometers or miles, lighting, front and rear bumper shocks and the availability of catalytic converters in many other markets.

The tables below show the major differences, which were made to the nose, tail, interior, engine, and wheels. These cars used Bosch LH-Jetronic fuel injection system and purely electronic Bosch ignition, the same systems used on the later valve cars, though without the pollution controls.

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