Pros and cons of cochlear implants essay

The device consists of external and internal elements.

Bilateral cochlear implants disadvantages

Requires Adjustment Having to hear sounds again in a long time, or for the first time requires adjustment. For those affected by even minor disabilities, modern technology often provides an answer. Side effects It does take some time getting used to the CI device. You could lose any remaining or residual hearing. The transmitter sends the coded signs to an incorporated receiver just under the skin. The device is just within the skin lurking behind the hearing. Being deaf is not an illness that needs to be cured. Most of the Deaf community tends to be against them whereas most of the hearing community tends to be in favor of them. Interpreting normal speech and music is very difficult and will take therapy to get used to. List of Cons of Cochlear Implants 1. Unlike people who can hear well, those with hearing loss may require special attention and care, and communication does not come easy especially when interacting with those who do not know sign language and other non-verbal communication.

A cochlear implant is a device implanted internally behind a deaf persons ear with an external microphone, and is designed to provide artificial sounds to people who have nerve deafness in both ears and show no ability to understand speech through hearing aids.

This is the main advantage of cochlear implants. This can include battery changes, wiring fixes or re-mapping of the device. Cochlear implants consist of external parts which include the microphone, speech processor, and the transmitter List of Pros of Cochlear Implants 1.

What I mean is I still require communication support when dealing with noisy environments and multi-person conversations. This creates instances where deaf parents can have a hearing child or hearing parents can have a deaf child.

Maintenance A CI does require maintenance, for example replacing wires, changing batteries or remapping of the sound processor.

cochlear implant surgery

Each tiny hair responds to a specific frequency or pitch. Safety Being more alert to potential dangers, for example hearing sirens and thunder. The transmitter sends the coded signs to an incorporated receiver just under the skin. Training Sounds are translated via the device and might sound unnatural at first.

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