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So, if you don't want to make change to this Excel file, click on Yes to open it.

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If you want to enable Read-only or editing access to different users: Maybe, you want the managers in your team to be able to edit the weekly status report, but team members should only have Read-only access. When the Excel file is made to read only by marked as final, typing, editing, commands, and proofing marks are disable and turn off. So, if you don't want to make change to this Excel file, click on Yes to open it. The error window has an "OK" button and nothing else, unlike whenever I have an actual read-only file open and the tag appears behind the file name on top bar, and when you try to save it gives the option to either "Save as" or cancel. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Related Articles. Open the workbook you want to save with a read-only prompt. Download a tool called Cocosenor Workbook Unprotect Tuner , install it on computer. I can edit all I want and save the file normally right up until the point that I can't save anymore. Instead, the workbook simply opens to the last viewed worksheet. For example, you can give users the ability to enter data, but keep them from deleting rows or columns, or only insert hyperlinks or sort data. Typically this only happens to one file at a time, regardless of whether I have just the one file open or if I have a dozen different files open with several if not all saved in the same location. Which level of protection should I use? Many business owners and administrators prefer this option as it helps protect original workbook files and templates from permanent changes. You just need to click on the button "Edit Anyway" to disable read only in excel file.

Way 3: Excel file restricted with editing password When you wanting to open the Excel file that is restricted with modify password, you will be prompted to enter password for write access, or open the Excel file as read only.

Related Articles. Worksheet-level: With sheet protection, you can control how a user can work within worksheets.

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You can specify what exactly a user can do within a sheet, thereby making sure that none of the important data in your worksheet are affected. For more information, see Protect an Excel file. Double-click on the Excel file, and select No to open it.

As we can see, marked as final can prevent other users from deliberately deleting, changing, moving data on this Excel file, but it make sense to avoid accidental modifications or erasures in the Excel file.

read write access excel
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Excel files with full read/write access cannot be saved due to "read only"