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Turner eds. Cammaert and B. The right of unit self-defence applies independently of the process of determining applicable ROE. They might describe appropriate action regarding unarmed mobs, the property of local civilians, the use of force in self-defense, the returning of hostile fire, the taking of prisoners, the level of hostility that is, whether the country is at war , as well as a number of other issues. Baumgartner et al. Step 6 Once this fourth draft has been read and approved by the highest-ranking chief of national military forces e. Johnson, W. Indeed, the flexibility of ROE to best support the mission through various operational phases is required. Though it may seem apparent from yore days that the primary purpose of the ROE was to regulate the use of force by military personnel, the ROE actually fulfill the following core functions viz. The ROE serve a political purpose by ensuring the policies and objectives of a nation are reflected in the actions of the military conducting operations abroad, particularly under circumstances where communication with senior level authority is not possible.

Gill, T. Rules of engagement must be consistent while also accounting for a variety of potential scenarios and the political and military aspects of a given situation.

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In the latter case, the Prime Minister or President may be given additional security policy advice from a government committee e. Seeing that under international law, jus in bello is the set of laws that regulate actions during the war once it has begun, ROE fall under jus in bello since they guide conduct during war.

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However, the determination of when an act is hostile or manifests a hostile intent varies depending on the military doctrines. In conclusion, it was argued that the ROE are formulated on the basis of three overlapping purposes or considerations: legal, political and policy considerations as well as operational or military requirements.

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The right of unit self-defence applies independently of the process of determining applicable ROE. This point briefly discusses the relationship between ROE and force protection and mission accomplishment, as well as how they relate to unit and personal self-defence of individual members of a military mission.

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