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Revenue wise, Saudi Aramco has retained the top spot and it has experienced an unprecedented profit due to rise in its revenues in the Organization of Islamic Conferences.

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Inwith the company having had no success at locating oil, the Texas Oil Co. Saudi Aramco also makes their money through the selling of petroleum products and natural gas in Saudi Arabia and its subsidiaries in the world.

Aramco is the symbols for Arabian American Oil Company and it was fully established as the company that was in charge of Saudi concession. Oil being an international commodity, it is indisputable that Saudi Aramco is one of the top ranking company in the globe and the fact that its operations are significant to create an artificial shortage in the international market makes it a critical player and fundamental actor in global affairs and an instrument of foreign policy for the Saudi government.

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Since then, such female engineers have undertaken leadership roles in the company. In , Aramco built schools for 2, students. Husseini was named the first Saudi manager and in , Faisal Al-Bassam was named the first Saudi vice president. MA: Harvard University Press, Currently, Saudi Aramco's refining capacity is 5. Saudi Aramco was established in through a concession with the standard oil cooperation of California. Washington, DC: Brookings, In terms of energy it is characterized by a diverse scheme.

InAramco built schools for 2, students. Europa Publications Limited. Saudi Arabia enters the 21st century. Desert Kingdom.

What are these debates about increasing oil production in the U. Conclusion Saudi Aramco is a perfect example of how national oil companies, through their behaviors, objectives and strategies can serve foreign policy roles as well as domestic responsibilities.

Cordesman, Anthony. InAramco entered into a joint venture with Sumitomo Chemical Company. The company not only has the largest oil reserves approximately billion barrelsbut also has the largest daily production of oil reference.

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