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It is always there and will always be a problem. The mentioned studies illustrated a growth in community involvement by congregations from Effective poverty reduction therefore remains a challenge.

The reason for this I have not been able to ascertain in the literature but I can speculate it might have something to do with the Apartheid bequeathed economic structure Poverty is a global crisis, something that affects many in a horrible way.

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However, solution are many different factors that contribute to poverty such as infrastructure, climate, solution education. Emphasis should be placed on building self-assurance, developing self-respect and taking ownership of problem-solving initiatives, which in turn should entail that local people the beneficiaries of services and actions be encouraged to become involved in the planning and development of actions, network initiatives with other organisations who are involved in the same social issues, identification and utilisation of available assets in the community, and celebration of small successes with all the parties involved Cavaye The two central solution to Chinese poverty include the issues of labor and inequality. Journal of Religion, Conflict and Peace, 1 1. This is because ultimately they want to instill more opportunities throughout Belarus that will inevitably push those living in low-income households above that line. The respondents also reported that a lack of access to, and support from, governmental service providers was a frustration in providing services. In particular, the identification of structural poverty and the way it sustains the threefold challenge of poverty, unemployment and social injustice serves as a guide for what is being proposed.

Poverty is a huge problem and it can be treated, and could have been avoided. Significantly, however, the findings that were discussed in this article show that congregations of the DRC have continued to play an active role in addressing social issues in the new democratic South Africa.

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Empowered citizenship, in which case the citizens of a particular society or community know their rights and responsibilities, and have access to forums and processes to practice these rights and responsibilities; 2.

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Essay on Poverty in Africa