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But its palette of burnished browns and reds pleases the eye, and at its best, Stage Beauty captures the tensions and electricity of backstage dramas.

Both these Yanks pull of the British accents with ease. There they ask him to prove that he is a man and not a castrati and shenanigans follow. Set in 17th century England when all roles were played by men, Kynaston is the most acclaimed female impersonator on the stage.

He is rewarded with applause, acclaim, and finally sex with the woman he loves. Here's a breakdown of the scale.

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The New York Times. His adviser Sir Edward Hyde Edward Fox observes, "Whenever one is about to do something truly horrible, we always say the French have been doing it for years.

I like the ambiguous ending but have no doubt that Maria's great love will save Ned. Like the couple in the limerick, they Advertisement As to who has the right To do what, and with which, and to whom.

Kynaston is clearly used to his femininity being fetishized and enjoys the attention by men and women, but is also conflicted about being treated as a novelty.

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Women are not allowed to perform on the stage, so all the women's roles are played by men -- chief among them Ned Kynaston Billy Crudup , who Samuel Pepys described in his diary as the most beautiful woman on the London stage. Her super-trouper mentality doesn't quite ring true because Danes doesn't convey that unforgettable fire for acting, in which you'd believe that Maria would lay down her life for the stage. The New York Times. So rare, in fact, many critics and viewers are unable to recognize a performance that sparkles with nuance. The question doesn't precisely occur in that form, since in those days gender lines were not rigidly enforced, and heterosexuals sometimes indulged their genitals in a U-turn. What I Liked: Kynaston is clearly bi in this movie. Maria knows about his old relationship with George. That makes her a good contrast to Crudup, playing a character who is adrift between jobs and genders. Put in the unenviable position of playing second fiddle to her male co-star in terms of feminine allure, Danes is lovely nonetheless. They take a lively interest in the theater. This leads to my favorite scene in which they model potential sex poses asking questions like Am I the man now, or the woman? Poor Ned.

Maria is outraged by his viewpoint, I always hated you as Desdemona. Charles II must have brought the usage from the Continent, where women had long been employed instead of boys or youths in the representation of female characters.

As he comes to love Maria, he learns to play male roles on stage and he is fixed. He needs sleep and she says that she will sleep with him, and wearing a very modest underdress goes toward the bed.

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