Strategic planning for ice cream

But customers have to know about your shop and your products to bring you business, and they are much more likely to patronize your shop if they know you make top-notch ice cream. Ingredients included in the Ripple milk bar are: Flavor, syrup, sugar, vegetable fat, milk fat, food grade color and milk solids.

In that sense PRAN will create an advertising campaign to build brand awareness and differentiate the product from competitors, use trade promotion to support distribution strategy, and develop a high profile product launch strategy to generate publicity and media coverage.

The information that was retrieved about the excise and duty is reliable as it came from The HM Customs and Excise website. Promoting products for an introductory price at its Grand Opening. The local licensed shops should also be considered, as this was a popular place of purchase for the lolly.

Host a contest. The interest rates and the unemployment figures were obtained to ascertain whether the public would have the disposable income to be able to purchase this product. Achieve first year total sales revenue of TK4,50, based on an average price of TK.

Offer a large selection of lactose-free and guilt-free options. Radio advertising-Cheaper than television, but still have a wide variety of potential customers as listeners.

soft serve ice cream business plan

Promotion- The research showed that the most popular places in which to promote this product were within the television programmes of Friends, Coronation Street, Sex in the City, Inspector Frost and between the hours of eight and nine at night.

The Guardian was also selected as it is mainly bought by the same sort of substantial segmentation that our product is aimed at.

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Marketing Plan for Ice Cream