The money making scams versus the religious programming

Prosperity theology teaches that Christians are entitled to well-being and, because physical and spiritual realities are seen as one inseparable reality, this is interpreted as physical health and economic prosperity.

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RB [Photograph, page 51] The Lotticks lost their son [photograph of the couple standing beside the grave of their son. This drawback can limit your ability to sell from a wide range of different brands, and you may have to supplement your income by joining another network. Oaks stated that people who believe in "the theology of prosperity" are deceived by riches.

However, there are a few drawbacks. German politics appears as well to attract Hubbard's zealots. Even federal officials are being used by the church: one Scientology front group sent copies of a Hubbard written pamphlet on moral values to members of the Bundestag.

This gospel of wealth, however, was an expression of Muscular Christianity and understood success to be the result of personal effort rather than divine intervention.

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Sterling Management Systems, formed inhas been ranked in recent years by Inc. Rather than asking, Kenyon taught believers to demand healing since they were already legally entitled to receive it. In it he introduced a crude psychotherapeutic technique he called "auditing.

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The Money Making Scams Versus The Religious Programming