The problems with the evolution of political parties in france

During the s and s, the U. In the South, lingering resentment over the Civil War meant that most states would vote Democrat.

Politicians, supposedly of the political right, may be heard defending positions more often held by political parties of the left in many other countries, an d in recent French history, a good proportion of the economic liberalisation that has taken place in France has been pushed through by governments of the left.

Today, the Republican Party supports an American conservative platform, with foundations in economic liberalism, fiscal conservatism, and social conservatism. The mainstream French Green party has traditionally been an ally of the Socialists, though other French greens, and indeed other environmentalist parties, are allied to the centre or the centre right.

Giscard transformed the ORTFthe state organism in charge of media, and created several different channels, including Radio France. Personalities appear on the stage, and we are in a world of supply-driven politics.

french political parties

Unlike the Italian Communist Party, the French Communist Party did not reinvent itself after the fall of soviet communism in the s; the result was a series of internal fractures, with the once monolithic party splitting into different factions, the refounders, the reformers and the orthodoxists.

Labels that date to the King Left and right are old labels, dating back to the French Revolution. The Federalists were dominant untiland the Republicans were dominant after Businessmen, farmers, private sector executives, and pensioners tended to prefer parties on the right of the spectrum, whether Gaullist or centrist.

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The History of Political Parties