The rhetorical strategies in the sea around us a book by rachel carson

The rhetorical strategies in the sea around us a book by rachel carson

Caution suggests an active stance. It is a fascinating some have said 'poetic' and I would not disagree elucidation of the most expansive feature of our planet.

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This is no accident; Carson is concerned that we take action to protect these delicate ecosystems and realises that to encourage this she needs to help us understand their importance to us and to everything else. Why any special concern about our modifications? Within this context, Carson conveys many of the teachings that have become staples of environmental arguments: about the balance of nature, the interconnections that make up ecosystems, the role of genetics in disease, and the subtle danger of small doses of toxins over a long period of time. Carson summarizes the situation as she prepares to solve the mystery of who is poisoning us: Who has made the decision that sets in motion these chains of poisonings, this ever-widening wave of death that spreads out, like ripples when a pebble is dropped into a still pond? What is wrong is for her to have failed to do so openly. She completed Silent Spring against formidable personalodds, and with it shaped a powerful social movement thathas altered the course of history. She was the first to challenge the moral vacuity of a government that refused to take responsibility for or to acknowledge evidence of environmental damage. There followed another bestseller — The Edge of the Sea [9] — before Silent Spring came out in the fall of , much of it having already been serialized in The New Yorker. While critical of one instantiation of modern science and technology, it relies on another. Perhaps human beings have used their ingenuity in such a way as to introduce entirely new kinds of dangers into nature. In Silent Spring,Carson asserted that the right of the citizen to be secure in his own home against the intrusion of poisons applied by other persons must surely be a basic human right. Her advocates have been able to take advantage of a characteristic critical blind spot. Loved the first chapter in particular where she talks about one of the theories of the moon's creation, torn from the top layer of the Earth's crust from what is now the Pacific ocean, pulled by tidal waves of force into space - as the moon.

We are back to the edge of the cliff. It was not enough for her merely to catalogue the various potential or actual dangers posed by the use of pesticides and herbicides.

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During research for the book, Carson met with a number of oceanographers to discuss current research. While much of the power of the book, for all the facts and footnotes, depends on arousing fear at this threat of being poisoned, it is a two-pronged attack: direct threats to our health, and threats to the environment on which all life depends.

Why did they go wrong — or more to the point, why have they failed to change direction?

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This accuracy shows the value of her very conservative approach. The classic that launched the environmental movement. Meanwhile, she continued freelance writing, which led to her first book, Under the Sea-Wind But this is a minor quibble; The Sea Around Us is, quite simply, a masterpiece of ecological writing.

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The Sea Around Us