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When Jerry talks about his private property it becomes clear that he is very poor because he is able to list it off.

Peter in the play is a representative of an upper-middle class world, which Albee assaults often in his dramatic career. New technologies and products contributed to the prosperity of the society. The American Dream was still alive for a vast majority of the population.

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People who are talking about these themes seem to forget that normally big-typed catchwords like brotherliness and charity lose their important meaning. Understanding Edward Albee. Often there is a menacing outside force that never reveals why. In his plays he pursues the aim to change the society. He is leading a disappointing and an absurd kind of existence. NY:Drama Book Specialist, Man is fascinated by death, which permanently replaces dreams and illusions. The main characteristic of absurd plays is to show that life is essentially meaningless, hence miserable. His present environment is merely a terrible extension of his past world: his mother ran away, had numerous affairs, and wound up dead; soon after, a city bus crushed his drunken father. From my point of view, Jerry could be seen as the director of the conversation. It describes the situation which exists in society and the inability to really communicate because Jerry and the dog could also be two strangers who meet each other in the street. Jerry dominates about Peter and starts to tell him about his situation and his living conditions. Peter belongs to the mainstream of American society.

Knowledge doesn't stop the absurd. Harold Pinter's work too, is full of pseudo-crisis, the funniest instance, perhaps being Davies's account of his visit to the monastery at Lutton in search of boots The Caretaker.

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While they are talking, Jerry is the active one because he asks questions all the time. In deed the dog survives and there is some kind of contact between the two, they are able to look into each others eyes without being attacked. He is a well-established average American who has made his private little dreams come true. He does not want that Peter should any more lead a vegetable kind of existence. When Peter denies to share the bench with Jerry, the latter taunts him into anger, and lashes out finally defending himself with the knife provided by Jerry. Understanding Edward Albee. This is explained when he describes his living conditions. Jerry is a person who is looking for conversation partner and Peter a man in his forties who sits on a bench and enjoys his idle period while reading a book. The play depicts the irrationalism of life in a grotesquely comic and non-consequential fashion with the element of "metaphysical alienation and tragic anguish. Through the various themes in the work like- the lack of communication, the feeling of isolation, the lack of understanding and the spiritual and social degeneration of the values along with the existential dilemma of life and the lurking materialism etc. New York:Penguin Group, It is death which makes this ideal communication possible. Jerry is thus depicted as a person who is completely unsatisfied and fully frustrated with his life.

He tries to make him understand that the duties and responsibilities and the way of life which we are leading will one day end into nothing. He believes that the very idea of living in this materialistic universe is in fact absurd.

It is also possible to read the play as a picture of the problems and conflicts of an existential character.

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The second part, deals with the story of Jerry and the dog, and the third is the zoo story- what happened at the zoo? Peter and Jerry talk at cross-purpose. And to demonstrate this meaning to Peter, Jerry chooses death. Every time Peter wants to block the dialogue Jerry turns to a new subject and gives him the feeling of being intolerant or arrogant if he does not answer so Jerry gets to know a lot of private things about Peter. Jerry is aware of all these things very well. It is very important to become aware of this fact. Thus, Albee shows Jerry as a depraved being who rarely encountered with happiness. There is no action or plot. The final situation is absurd or comic.

While studying the text I asked myself why Albee chose the Central Park and not any fictitious room. Peter tries to block the beginning conversation by giving short polite replies but Jerry does not give up and manages to keep the conversation. The story of the dog and Jerry could be seen as a parallel to the whole story.

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And when Jerry feels he has reached half way to his goal, he starts inciting and irritating him in order to make him active. The story of the dog and Jerry could be seen as a parallel to the whole story. And to demonstrate this meaning to Peter, Jerry chooses death. The principal is the lack of contact between human beings and the reluctant apathy, indifference, self-destructiveness and cruelty. Somehow Jerry succeeds in pushing Peter into the possession of the knife. He gives the dog hamburgers filled with rat poison and wants the dog to die. He lives in a rooming-house in a small room with a beaverboard partition wall in it which separates him from one of his neighbours.
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The Zoo Story as an Absurd Play